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Proprium for Prescribers

Proprium for Prescribers

Better Patient Management

At Proprium Pharmacy, we strive to manage the many administrative burdens that often accompany prescribing specialty medications, so you can spend your time on patient care.

Upon receipt of a prescription, we will perform a benefits investigation to determine insurance requirements and the patient’s financial responsibility. If prior authorization is required, we will work with your office staff to navigate the process as easily and quickly as possible. We also research and help patients enroll in available copay assistance and foundation programs to provide extra financial assistance where needed.

In addition, we monitor patients’ adherence to their medication regimen and work with them to better understand the cause of nonadherence. Once we have a better understanding, we will work with the patient to remove the barriers keeping them from taking their medications as prescribed. These solutions may include education, tips for reminders, or finding additional funding.

We will make sure to keep your office informed of patient concerns.